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Hawaiian Stairway Salvia Seeds is a brilliant and potent salvia strain that originally came from Hawaii. It’s a Hawaiian wild strain that grows extremely well in rich volcanic soil that drains well. It also thrives in full sun and love to soak up the rays.

Try Stairway Salvia to solve the mysteries of the Universe

Salvia Divinorum is used for many reasons. Most psychonauts do it for the experience and usique visuals. Others want to find themselves and even find the answers to the Universe. When you smoke the world’s most potent salvia, it’s like seeing living your life on the 4th dimension. So if you’re seeking answers and seeking truth, you’ll want to order our Stairway Salvia Seeds right now before its sold out.

You can see life in the 4th Dimension

It’s pretty much impossible to explain what the 4th dimension looks like to someone who hasn’t experienced it before. It’s beyond your imagination if you’ve never tried Stairway Salvia before. I will do my best to give you an understanding of how hard it is to understand!

How Dimensions Look to Humans

For example, lets imagine our lives in the second dimension. You are a black blob of ink on a piece of paper laying on the desk. Because you are living in the second dimension you can see the white paper in front of you, behind you and all around you. Now try to imagine a rain drop falling from above. Because you live in a 2D world, you cannot see anything above the sheet of paper, which is your universe. Now the drop of rain fall closer to your paper, 1 foot above but you still cannot see it because it exists in the 3D world. So in your 2D world you cannot see the rain drop even as it’s about to touch your paper 1mm away. Remember that the rain drop is real, it exists. But when you live in a 2D world, you don’t know it there. Only when the rain drop hits the paper does it suddenly exist in your 2D world.

It’s kinda freaky living in a 2D world. Imagine that you’re that black blob living on that piece of paper. You’re going about your day like always and then suddenly, a rain drop suddenly appears in front of you. It just seems to appeared out of thin air. You could not see it approaching from above in the 3D world.

Experience your destiny with salvia divinorum

So what is the 4th Dimension all about then? We’ll you’ll just have to experience it yourself. Most Salvia will take you on a journey with vivid visuals, but our award winning stairway salvia strain will take you on an out of body 4D life changing journey showing of your destiny and the secrets of the Universe.

Gold Cup Winner for best Salvia strain in the world

It’s a Gold cup winning strain taking 1nd place at the Salvia Cup in 2021. Smoke some Hawaiian Stairway Salvia for the most bizzare out of body experience! A true trophy winner for good reason.


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